The Tale of Why I changed my Blog Address

The Tale of Why I changed my Blog Address from My Life Sucks to Ame's Ramblings

I've gotten a lot of flak from everyone around me for using the title "My Life Sucks" for my blog. 

My Mom gave me a long lecture, with a lot of head shaking and "I'm disappointed" in you look (that Mothers are gifted with when they bear children), for using the word "sucks" in my blog. "Improper", was the word she used. 

My brother rolled his eyes and said "what kind of name is "my life sucks", couldn't you think of something better?". He was probably hoping for something like "I love my brother" 

My sister said "Your Blog Title is My Life Sucks. Seriously? Seriously" with her eyes way up to the heavens.

My colleagues were ready to flatten me out with a rolling pin for daring to say that my life sucks when THEY can see how lucky I am to have such an awesome family and cool friends. 
So in the face of all that opposition, what can a girl like me do but cave in and agree to change my blog address. Yeah. All those confident people out there, would have probably loved me to stand my ground but I'm weak.. Weak.. I tell you.. All I wanted to do was wipe that "I'm disappointed in you" look my mom had every single time she accidentally stumbled onto my blog.  

Then I was stumped. What name do I put that best describes me? Somehow, I think "Shrek", "Beast" or "big butt" would have caused more head shaking and "tsk"ing. 

Then I realized that the thing I love most to do in the world, other than listening to music and reading (and falling in love with most of the heroic hunks in my story books. That my friends, is a tale for another blog post), is to ramble on and on. Yeah.. I just love to write.. Nonsense mostly.. But in writing, I can ramble on and on, with no one to stop me.. In person, it could be a whole lot of different.. If I talk too much, people can just whack me on the head with a newspaper to shut me up.. But they can't do that in my blog.. That is, I don't think so.. They can't do it, can they?

Anyway... Who cares.. I am going to ramble on.. Ramble on and on.. Ame's Ramblings.. Will anyone be there to read it? Hmmmm I wonder....


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    Rambling Ame is my name for I love to talk and talk and talk.
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