My mom, Jacinta Ramayah

“I know how to do anything – I'm a mom” - Roseanne Barr 

That statement best describes my mom. 
She does know how to do everything.
She's our MacGyver, Mac, Richard Dean Anderson 
the one who comes up with innovative ideas in fixing things at our home. If the neighbor's cat is driving her mad by sneaking into our compound and constantly attacking her plants and shoes, she comes up with a plan to foil that darn cat, armed with a metal fence, some flowers and a stapler. 

Arrangement, Wedding, BouquetShe's already making plans to decorate the house with a flower arrangement that will line the patio (I think it was something like that, I spaced out when the discussion got too technical (I should say too creative) for my brain to comprehend), for my sister's engagement event, which is like months away (right??) 

She's the one we run to, screaming as if we had the devil at our back, when we see a centipede and don't know what the heck to do with it ("just crush it with your bathroom slippers", she says matter of factly, like it's such a simple thing to do, while we look at her in horror. 
FAINT"Photobucket" "Animated" "Gif" "Faint" "Fainting" "Shocked"). 

In my mind, I can picture her resume looking something like this:
Name : Jacinta Ramayah
Experience :  
1. Mother (1979 – present)
2. Retired Senior Assistant/Teacher
Skills :
1. Storyteller. She used to weave exciting stories for us; she still does actually (though nowadays I'm fully glued to my computer and don't really pay much attention)Photobucket "Sorry" "Smiley" "animated" "cute" "gif".

2. Baker. Even difficult to do doll cakes like this. Yeah, she actually did this cake, on her own, armed with a recipe book, lots of flour and butter and... and.... and.... hmm.. you know... cake stuff.

3. Walking Encyclopedia and Dictionary. Her favorite hobby is reading the dictionary (looking up words for Scrabble, so she says), so she knows most of the words in the dictionary. "Walking Dictionary", was the moniker given by

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