Happy National Day Malaysia

"Malaysia, Disini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta"
“Malaysia Where Love Grows” 
~ The "Theme" for Malaysia's 57th 
Independence or Merdeka Day celebrations.

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1) We have our own unique blend of English called "Manglish" with words like "No la", "Yes la", 
"Really, meh", and so many others that sometimes leaves non-Malaysian speakers at a loss to understand what we're saying. Our 'la's have also been transmitted to others with many foreigners happily dropping 'la's here and there when they speak, sometimes even without their realization that they have adopted our style of English. 
*I love Manglish as I feel it shows our multi-racial heritage with a language born of this merging of cultures and languages from the different races in Malaysia.    
2) We may stay in the city and have ample opportunities to eat all kinds of gourmet food, but when asked to make a choice, we still head to our favorite Nasi Kandar Shop.
*My siblings work in the city and when they come back home, the first visit is always to a Nasi Kandar shop.  
3) We travel to foreign lands sometimes even spending years there, and although we may enjoy delicious Italian pizzas and spaghetti, authentic American burgers or original British Fish and Chips, but when we come back home to Malaysia, we drive straight to our favorite 
hawkers stall and decimate nasi lemak, char kway teow, thosai/Dosa, laksa, curry mee, roti canai, etc like a person starved. Heck, I go for holidays and enjoy delicious chicken chops and pasta, and the next day hunt down Indian restaurants selling rice with spicy curries and sambal. It may be food I eat every day at
home thanks to my mom's amazing culinary skills but going without rice just for one day is like I've not eaten. Any meal without rice is not really a meal, just a snack.. Right? Right? Yeah. I do seriously need to work on my diet.. 
4) A must have item, in any long-distance travels to foreign lands especially for long periods of time, are packets and packets of Instant Noodles.  
5) We bond as one Malaysian Family over football, badminton, tennis, any sports regardless of who is playing. Our catchphrase of "Malaysia Boleh!" (Malaysia Can!) is common utterance at these games. We mourn at every loss and rejoice at every win. Whether the athlete is a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Bidayuh or Kedazan, doesn't really matter, he or she is a Malaysian, and that person gets our love and support.   
*I've sat through nail-bitting suspense each time Dato' Lee Chong Wei takes the badminton court, my heart breaking when he loses yet proud of his effort and cheering giddily when he wins. I've been through moments of pride and joy when Malaysia won the Thomas Cup in 1992 and every medal won by a Malaysian at this year's Commonwealth Games were celebrated.   
6) No one else gets our fascination with the King of Fruits, Durians, as one whiff of its deadly aroma sends some people especially non-Malaysians running for their lives. For most of us Malaysians however, it is sweet, sweet heaven. A creamy, melt in your mouth fruit; every bite savored and enjoyed. 
7) We stand together as one family when faced with adversities. We may not have earthquakes but we do have floods that can devastate villages and towns. 

When these mother nature based calamities occur or when we face national tragedies like the recent 
sad loss of Flight MH370 and MH17, we bond as one family to grieve, reciting our prayers for the victims and their families. When help in needed, we give what we can. 
8) We may have tons of designer apparel shops in huge shopping malls, but at most nights, we can be seen at the night markets or pasar malam because we, Malaysians, know there is where we can get the best bargains. Quality materials at a fraction of the price. 
9) We have luxurious restaurants that are air-conditioned and classy, yet our favorite hang-out is always at a hawkers stall because we know, this is where we can get the best-tasting food.   

*I'm not saying these high end restaurants do not provide quality, tasty food; they do and I've enjoyed many scrumptious meals at these restaurants but there is just something special about eating satay, ikan bakar, ais kacang or teh tarik at an open-air hawker joint. 
10) We have many awesome burger joints, either the fast-food variety or those at elegant restaurants, but 

for us, it's the burgers from the road-side stall that we flock to. 
11) Being blessed with sun all-year-round, barbecues and picnics are common occurrences. Nothing beats meat cooked over a hot, charcoal grill.    

12) For a little excitement in our lives, we have the unpredictable weather. The weather forecast may predict hot, sunny weather but it's always handy to have an umbrella in your car as you never know when the next thunderstorm is going to make its grand entrance.  
13) "Open House" is a happy occurrence in Malaysia. During festivals like Hari Raya Puasa, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Christmas, Gawai, and so on, open houses will be held, so the host's friends from another race can visit them. With this Open House culture, we all, irregardless of our race or religious beliefs, celebrate together as one. 
14) As the years go by, many of us have become racially integrated, with inter-racial marriages becoming the norm. So much so, many of us are not easily  identified due to our mixed parentage. 
*My mom, for instance, is always mistaken for a Malay, thanks to her mixed parentage of Eurasian and Indian. In my extended family, both on my mother's side and father's side, we have an interesting mix of Indian, Malay, Chinese, Portuguese, Irish and Iban ethinicity. Family gatherings are always fun especially when Roast 

Chicken and mashed potatoes, rendang, rice and curry, and spicy Portuguese Devil Curry adorn the table.  
15) Ask most young Malaysians what their favorite food is and they will all unanimously say, "Hands down, mom's cooking!".  
16) Blood relations doesn't matter here, every man is an "uncle" and every lady is an "aunty". We would never dream of calling our friends' parents by name. It's always "uncle" and "aunty" for us. For those still young but older than us, it's always "Kakak" (sister), "Abang" (brother) and those younger are called "adik". There's also the practice of young boys calling each other, "macha", which originates from the Indian culture and is the term for the wife's brother. Now, however, everyone is somebody's "macha".  
*I've recently been demoted from "Kakak" to "Aunty". I know they are just being polite, but every "Aunty" I am called is a painful stab in my heart. I guess it's time to accept that I'm not as young as I want to be. 

In Malaysia, we have beautiful sandy, beaches that beckon. A paradise of islands that entice you to stay. Green forests that relax you. And for those looking for some fun and excitement, there are shopping malls, clubs, water-parks, animal reserves, national monuments and so on. We are never at a loss for fun things to do during the weekends and holidays.  

Our country is not perfect. There are many things that perhaps can be tweaked a little but then again nobody and no country is ever perfect. All I hope for, as we celebrate 57 years of independence, is to look back and have pride in all that we have achieved in the past 57 years, with our skyscrapers, advanced and modern amenities, and international recognitions. An achievement made possible not only by one race but through the joint effort of every race in Malaysia; in short by Malaysians. I hope we can look past our race, skin color, religion and culture, and to not harp on our differences but to celebrate our similarities. All the things that make us special and unique. All the things that make us proud to be Malaysians.  

Disclaimer :
The author of this blog post is not responsible for any hunger pangs or yearning resulting from the food pictures in this blog post.

Note to self : 
The author should refrain from writing blog posts such as these when hungry.   

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Happy New Year 2014

"animated 2013" "2013 glitter" "2013 flower animated" "2013 gif" "Happy New Year" "2013 text"  "
2013 went by in a blink of an eye. Looking back on the year, "my 2013 year in review" as Facebook urges me to do with their nifty little app, I am not sure how to feel. 

Do I feel sad that I did not achieve what I wanted to achieve or feel grateful that I had got through the year in one piece? So instead of worrying about the appropriate emotion or reminiscing about 2013, I decided to start 2014 with a simple New Year Resolution :

1) To not stress over things and enjoy life as it is.
Yes. That gray hair on my head every time I look in the mirror does irritate me but I have decided to not stress over it. (Thank Goodness dyes were invented, eh..).. Bills to pay - not stressing over it. My favorite show gets cancelled - not stressing over it... 
"Kitten" "Smiling cat" "smiling kitten" "cute kitten" "smile kitten" "smile"
2) To always smile and treasure the little things in life. 
I may not have much but I am going to be grateful for what I do have.

3) To be charitable and help those in need.
I wish I was a more charitable person. I envy those who could give so much to those in need of help, whether it's money or time. My mom has always been this kind of person. Always ready to give what little she has. I aspire to be like her. 

4) To not be afraid to take a risk and try new things.
Is the grass always greener on the other side?? Maybe I should just take a risk and go on that grass surveying expedition. Who knows I may find that 
"thinking smiley" "wondering smiley" "making decision smiley" "thinking" "wondering"the grass is indeed green.. It could even be the best decision I ever made.. 

5) To be kind in my words and thoughts. 
Yes. I need to stop being a b***h. 

"World Peace" "Get along" "co-operation"6) To not let bias or prejudice rule.
I aim to be more accepting of others regardless of race, age, gender and sexual orientation. 

7) Most importantly, that I would always be there for my family and friends and be a good daughter, sister and friend; in other words, be a better person. 
My family is the most important thing in my life and I would always be there for them. I hope that in the year to come, I can make things easier for them and make their dreams come true. 
As for my friends at work, I hope to always be there for them and for those friends living far away, former school and university friends, I should make an effort to keep in touch.   

"fat girl on scale" "Weighing scale" "weighing" "lose weight"
I know I should include "lose weight" or "do not touch that muffin, cake, burger, anything that looks delicious" in my New Year Resolution list but I was thinking why make promises I cannot keep. Yes. Yes. I will exercise more, for general health purposes but if that weighing scale stubbornly refuses to move lower, I will not stress over it. 

"Animated hulk" Animated hulk punch" "punch" "hulk punch" "punching 2013" "smashing 2013" "hate 2013"
So for all those who had a 2013 that you wish you could smash away, may 2014 be a better year for you. 
For those who had a wonderful 2013 (I HATE YOU! Kidding. Kidding), then here's wishing 2014 is even better. 

May we have a year that has less calamities, whether man-made or from nature's wrath and less fighting. 

"Happy New Year 2014" "New Year Prayer" "New Year Resolution" "New Year wish" "New Year greetings"

Birthday Gift : It's Raining Men Video

My sister and I may be total opposites in characteristics, personality and nature but when it comes to the hunks on TV and in music, we are always on the same page.

So I could not think of a better way to wish my sister, "Happy Birthday" than by celebrating those hunks, who made us go all "woo-hoo!". 

The video features :
1) Adam Lambert (lots and lots of him. What can I say; it's a Glambert thing!)
2) Vampire Diaries (especially the "smouldering, it's a sin to look this gorgeous" Ian Somerhalder)
3) Merlin (The BBC version with "cute, always bullied, poor" Merlin and "seems arrogant but has a kind heart" Arthur. The chemistry

My sister, Prema

Born 4 years after me, my sister has always been and will always be a unique character. We are total opposites in nature. I'm the neat freak, “don't like a thing out of place” kind of girl while my sister is the “what is wrong if the books are not arranged properly in the bookcase” kind of girl. 

She loves dogs and has two at her home. A Golden Retriever (Max) and a German Shepherd (Rocky). Huge dogs that scare the bejesus out of me. Huge enough for my young cousins to sit on top of them and ride them like a horse 
(I kid you not. My cute cousins were going “giddy-up” little doggies”. Those “little doggies” could knock them down and flat if given a chance but that's innocence for you, they don't worry or care. Wish sometimes that I could be that carefree. It's not that I'm scared of my sister's "almost reaching her shoulders" huge dogs. I'm as big as a gorilla. "animated gorilla" "gorilla gif" "animated animal"So trying to knock me down? Yeah! So not a good idea (Ok. I think I'll stop now! Talking about my size gets me in the “you don't want to come near me as I might bite your head off” mood). 

"Cute dog" "Cute" "Puppy" "cute doggie" "doggie" "furry"So I'm in awe of my sister's ability to handle those dogs of hers and her strength in keeping them in line. 
Me, on the other hand, get near anything furry and I'm like “Eeew... stay away from me, you furry beast”.. So pets are definitely not my thing... Or hairy men, if I'm being honest. That's a story for another blog post (if my mom doesn't censor and ban the said blog post). 

"young girl" "cool"I'm the quiet, shy, rather stay at home with my books and “would rather run on hot coal than be out partying and socializing” kind of girl. My sister is the fun, life of the party kind of girl. The kind of girl, everyone wants to invite to a party for they know they will have a good time if she's around

During any family events, when I meet up with our cousins, the first question out of their mouths

My mom, Jacinta Ramayah

“I know how to do anything – I'm a mom” - Roseanne Barr 

That statement best describes my mom. 
She does know how to do everything.
She's our MacGyver, Mac, Richard Dean Anderson 
the one who comes up with innovative ideas in fixing things at our home. If the neighbor's cat is driving her mad by sneaking into our compound and constantly attacking her plants and shoes, she comes up with a plan to foil that darn cat, armed with a metal fence, some flowers and a stapler. 

Arrangement, Wedding, BouquetShe's already making plans to decorate the house with a flower arrangement that will line the patio (I think it was something like that, I spaced out when the discussion got too technical (I should say too creative) for my brain to comprehend), for my sister's engagement event, which is like months away (right??) 

She's the one we run to, screaming as if we had the devil at our back, when we see a centipede and don't know what the heck to do with it ("just crush it with your bathroom slippers", she says matter of factly, like it's such a simple thing to do, while we look at her in horror. 
FAINT"Photobucket" "Animated" "Gif" "Faint" "Fainting" "Shocked"). 

In my mind, I can picture her resume looking something like this:
Name : Jacinta Ramayah
Experience :  
1. Mother (1979 – present)
2. Retired Senior Assistant/Teacher
Skills :
1. Storyteller. She used to weave exciting stories for us; she still does actually (though nowadays I'm fully glued to my computer and don't really pay much attention)Photobucket "Sorry" "Smiley" "animated" "cute" "gif".

2. Baker. Even difficult to do doll cakes like this. Yeah, she actually did this cake, on her own, armed with a recipe book, lots of flour and butter and... and.... and.... hmm.. you know... cake stuff.

3. Walking Encyclopedia and Dictionary. Her favorite hobby is reading the dictionary (looking up words for Scrabble, so she says), so she knows most of the words in the dictionary. "Walking Dictionary", was the moniker given by

My brother, Rueben

I was 12 when my brother was born. When my mom first checked with the doctor, she was told that she was having a girl. With two girls, one 12 and the other 8, at home, my parents did not exactly say they were disappointed but we knew that a boy would have been more welcomed. A complete trio. Furthermore, my mother was already 36 at that time, so to try for a fourth child, would probably have been out of the question for her. 

So imagine our surprise, when we got a brother instead. My mom always says that she feels my brother was a gift from God as he was totally unexpected but has fulfilled her every expectations. I remember the pride on my father's face when he came home from the hospital, proudly announcing “It's a boy!”.  

The first moment I laid eyes on my brother, I was shocked at how tiny he was. A quiet baby, that didn't cry much, who looked at you in wonder and seemed to enjoy the prospect of sleeping. His eyes were huge, taking in the scenes around him, twisting his head to get a clearer picture of his surroundings. He was so little and cute, it was love at first sight for me. 

My brother was an easy, pleasant baby. No loud screaming cries from him. It was just short whimpers when he wanted milk or a change of diapers. He was so quiet that our neighbors used to ask if we really had a baby in the house, as they could not hear any wailing as would have been expected from a newborn baby. I wonder if they realize that he makes up for that lack of noise in the early days of his life, by blasting all the rock songs nowadays. Sorry neighbors, you did ask why he was so quiet when he was a baby, well he's making up for it now.

funny gifs thunder storm animated thunderstormHe was the kind of baby who slept through thunderstorms. I particularly remember one violent storm. There was my mom rushing to my brother, thinking the loud blast of thunder would scare her poor baby, but that baby did not stir at all. He continued sleeping peacefully through it all, not a worry in the world.

Most babies need to be rocked to sleep. Not my brother. He didn't even need a cradle. Just put him on the bed and he will

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