New Year (2012) Video

I was feeling melancholy at the end of 2011. I felt the year had passed by so quickly that I could not really recall anything momentous or special that had happened in 2011 to make me hop with joy. 
 All I could think of is all the movies and songs I had enjoyed. You might shake your head at my absurdity. Yeah I know it's sad. That I did not do anything special for sonnets to be written about me but who can do that anyway, except for a select few. The chosen ones, who are gifted with intelligence, charm and talent. 

Anyway, enough of the aimless prattle. Here is a video I made that looks back on what I remember of 2011. May 2012 bring you all that your heart desires. 

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Videos; my home-made personal gifts

It has been said that home-made, DIY gifts are the best as it comes from the heart. Ok. The cynics among us would probably roll their eyes and say “CORNY”. The word 'cheapskate' will probably be used too. 

Of course, knowing the perfect gift to buy someone is a talent that very few have. I suck at this. I usually end up buying something totally inappropriate and unwanted. The stick it in the drawer type of present and not take out unless you want something to kill that pesky cockroach. Which is why, when I want to buy a gift, I usually drag my family along. Or my friends. 
I also have extremely bad taste so something may look good to me but my siblings usually have that “What is wrong with you” look on their face when I suggest it. Something along the line of “I can't believe I'm related to her” kind of thing.

My sister is great at buying gifts. She buys the most wonderful gifts for us. Especially clothes. Most of my apparel choices are based on her advice and are gifts from her. Even my brother has the knack for buying great gifts.  

Another great gift to give are home-made gifts. Writing poems, painting a picture, creating a handicraft, those are gifts that would surely be treasured. One of the best gifts we ever got, was this

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