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The title of my blog is Ame's Ramblings so if you came to this blog hoping for some serious intelligent discourse on the world or politics, you will be sorely disappointed. Nothing newsworthy or illuminating will I proffer. No life altering tips or anything to make this world a better place.

In this blog, I can only offer my opinions on anything and everything under the sun. Books. Movies. Films. Songs. Celebrities. Food. Events in my life, that others will probably roll their eyes and look down their noses at for its total insignificance. But then since my life is totally boring, devoid of exciting happenings and I'm certainly not on any change the world missions, I just have to report on the mundane regular happenings in my life. That's the purpose of a blog right? Something that might be totally insignificant to others but means something to me. Yeah.. I keep telling myself that.. 

So that is what I offer. My ramblings on entertainment, books and my opinion on everything even if my opinion might make some people clutch their heart with shock. Whether the ramblings on entertainment will be entertaining, I'm afraid I can't promise.

Rambling on and on is part of my nature. I just love to talk and talk and talk. When I talk in public however, people can just punch me in my face to shut me up or worse, stop listening and walk away. So in this blog, I can talk without worry of repercussions. There probably still won't be anyone to listen to (or read) my ramblings but then at least I won't have to worry about anyone causing me physical harm just to shut me up.

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    Rambling Ame is my name for I love to talk and talk and talk.
    In this blog, I offer my views on everything and anything; Movies, Songs, Celebrities, People and life in general.

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