Birthday Gift : It's Raining Men Video

My sister and I may be total opposites in characteristics, personality and nature but when it comes to the hunks on TV and in music, we are always on the same page.

So I could not think of a better way to wish my sister, "Happy Birthday" than by celebrating those hunks, who made us go all "woo-hoo!". 

The video features :
1) Adam Lambert (lots and lots of him. What can I say; it's a Glambert thing!)
2) Vampire Diaries (especially the "smouldering, it's a sin to look this gorgeous" Ian Somerhalder)
3) Merlin (The BBC version with "cute, always bullied, poor" Merlin and "seems arrogant but has a kind heart" Arthur. The chemistry

My sister, Prema

Born 4 years after me, my sister has always been and will always be a unique character. We are total opposites in nature. I'm the neat freak, “don't like a thing out of place” kind of girl while my sister is the “what is wrong if the books are not arranged properly in the bookcase” kind of girl. 

She loves dogs and has two at her home. A Golden Retriever (Max) and a German Shepherd (Rocky). Huge dogs that scare the bejesus out of me. Huge enough for my young cousins to sit on top of them and ride them like a horse 
(I kid you not. My cute cousins were going “giddy-up” little doggies”. Those “little doggies” could knock them down and flat if given a chance but that's innocence for you, they don't worry or care. Wish sometimes that I could be that carefree. It's not that I'm scared of my sister's "almost reaching her shoulders" huge dogs. I'm as big as a gorilla. "animated gorilla" "gorilla gif" "animated animal"So trying to knock me down? Yeah! So not a good idea (Ok. I think I'll stop now! Talking about my size gets me in the “you don't want to come near me as I might bite your head off” mood). 

"Cute dog" "Cute" "Puppy" "cute doggie" "doggie" "furry"So I'm in awe of my sister's ability to handle those dogs of hers and her strength in keeping them in line. 
Me, on the other hand, get near anything furry and I'm like “Eeew... stay away from me, you furry beast”.. So pets are definitely not my thing... Or hairy men, if I'm being honest. That's a story for another blog post (if my mom doesn't censor and ban the said blog post). 

"young girl" "cool"I'm the quiet, shy, rather stay at home with my books and “would rather run on hot coal than be out partying and socializing” kind of girl. My sister is the fun, life of the party kind of girl. The kind of girl, everyone wants to invite to a party for they know they will have a good time if she's around

During any family events, when I meet up with our cousins, the first question out of their mouths

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