My sister, Prema

Born 4 years after me, my sister has always been and will always be a unique character. We are total opposites in nature. I'm the neat freak, “don't like a thing out of place” kind of girl while my sister is the “what is wrong if the books are not arranged properly in the bookcase” kind of girl. 

She loves dogs and has two at her home. A Golden Retriever (Max) and a German Shepherd (Rocky). Huge dogs that scare the bejesus out of me. Huge enough for my young cousins to sit on top of them and ride them like a horse 
(I kid you not. My cute cousins were going “giddy-up” little doggies”. Those “little doggies” could knock them down and flat if given a chance but that's innocence for you, they don't worry or care. Wish sometimes that I could be that carefree. It's not that I'm scared of my sister's "almost reaching her shoulders" huge dogs. I'm as big as a gorilla. "animated gorilla" "gorilla gif" "animated animal"So trying to knock me down? Yeah! So not a good idea (Ok. I think I'll stop now! Talking about my size gets me in the “you don't want to come near me as I might bite your head off” mood). 

"Cute dog" "Cute" "Puppy" "cute doggie" "doggie" "furry"So I'm in awe of my sister's ability to handle those dogs of hers and her strength in keeping them in line. 
Me, on the other hand, get near anything furry and I'm like “Eeew... stay away from me, you furry beast”.. So pets are definitely not my thing... Or hairy men, if I'm being honest. That's a story for another blog post (if my mom doesn't censor and ban the said blog post). 

"young girl" "cool"I'm the quiet, shy, rather stay at home with my books and “would rather run on hot coal than be out partying and socializing” kind of girl. My sister is the fun, life of the party kind of girl. The kind of girl, everyone wants to invite to a party for they know they will have a good time if she's around

During any family events, when I meet up with our cousins, the first question out of their mouths
will be “Isn't Prema here?”. I say “No. She has work” and I will be greeted with a look of profound disappointment on their faces. Doesn't really do much for my ego, knowing it's her attendance they're hoping for. Luckily my ego does very well for itself so I can be happy that my sister is popular. So is my brother. If only I could get a dollar every time someone says “I wish Rueben was here”. Even my mom is Ms. Popularity that everyone enjoys spending time with... 
"pouting" "Smiley" "pouty face smiley" "depressed" "Pouting face animated" "sad smiley"I'm the dull girl that tags along, hoping their popularity, charm and wit will rub off on me. (Ok.. NOW I'm depressed).. 

Not being the sharpest tool in the shed, I'm not very quick with my answers. I usually think of the best response to an offending remark when it is a bit too late (like when the person has already left or moved on with the conversation). My sister, on the other hand, has the ability to give quick, witty comebacks at the drop of a hat and the best thing, she does it mixed with her great sense of humor.

If you want to have a war of words with her, you better think twice as she will leave you in the dust. She has also perfected the art of combining sarcasm and humor. So you are left wondering “did she just insult me?” but when she has just said it with a smile, you are left wondering. The receiver of these are usually those who have been mean to our parents, usually my mom. You mess with my mom and you'll face my siblings' wrath.

"laughing gif" "laughter" "funny gif" "funny animated" "animated jerry" "laughing jerry" "tom and jerry"When it comes to holidays or just hanging out, my family is the best as it's usually a laugh fest when I'm with them. First my mom will say something funny, then my brother will have a funny rejoinder to that and then my sister will parry with a hilarious retort of her own. 
Me? I just enjoy their “roll on the floor 
"laughing so hard" "animated smiley" "laughing smiley gif" "laugh animated smiley" "laugh gif"laughing or I'm laughing so hard, I can't control my bladder, please stop” conversations.

"animated smiley" "animated gif" "smiley gif" "You're the best smiley"Despite our differences, personality-wise, my sister and I do have common ground and I believe we get along pretty well. Perhaps when we were younger, we were not as chummy as we should be. "fighting smiley" "fighting animated gif" "fight"We used to fight as I believe all sisters, when they are near the same age, tend to do. I would like to think that now we are older and wiser, we have grown closer. We share the same taste in music and movies. Drool over the same HOT GUYS and can spend hours talking about the said HOT GUYS while my brother rolls his eyes and mutters things with the gist of it being “insanely sick sisters”. We usually just ignore him.

I wish now though that things had been different when we were younger. There are many mistakes I did when dealing with my sister during my younger days, that I sincerely regret and wish I could take back. I was NOT the best sister in the world and I recall many cringe-worthy and mean things I had done and said. Cliché as it may seem, I wish I could turn back time. There is no "rewind", "edit" and "delete" button in our lives. I wish there was as there are many things I wish I could have done differently. Just hope my sister realizes that I am sorry for all those hurtful things I had said and done and that I would take it back in a heartbeat if I could.

Things were different with my brother. Born 12 years apart from me and 8 years apart from my sister, we were older and thus protective of him. He was like our baby. Not only since we had baby-sitting duties but also because we were older and he was like this little thing we needed to protect. (Reading this, my brother would probably shudder at the term “little thing”, though when he towers over you, the entire 6ft of him, “little” is probably not the word to be used to describe him).

My sister is definitely the protective kind. Very protective of my brother, from the time he was born. Even now, when he is already 21, the protective side 
"animated gif" "Animated smiley" "lift eyes smiley"of her hasn't diminished. She still has the tendency to check up on him and make sure he's not in any trouble or getting intro trouble. Not exactly something he is entirely grateful for, I have to admit.

My sister was the neighborhood protector when she was in her teens. When my young brother and his friends were bullied by kids, years older than them, they will rush home, calling for my sister and she will go out, rolling up her sleeves, ready to fight with any guy bold enough to mess with her baby brother and his friends. That bully may have been older, bigger and stronger than her but she didn't give them a thought. She went out fighting; “Nobody. Nobody messes with my brother!” was her catch-phrase. 
"warrior" "warrior anime"
Image Source :
She was the neighborhood warrior. 
Any young kids being bullied, they'll come a calling to my house “Premmaaaa Akkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Prema Akkaaaaaaaaa. Help me please! That guy is throwing stones at us/saying bad things to us/bullying us/he slapped me/" and my sister will be all ready for battle. It's kinda ironical to think that now, my kid brother, all macho, big and strong, is the one, ready to do battle for us.  

That is my sister. She never tolerates injustice. She is the type, who is ready to fight for her rights and the rights of those she loves. That is the thing I like about my sister. She doesn't care who you are, if you wrongly accuse of her something she didn't do, mess with her family or you treat her badly, she's not going to take it lying down.

Though a fighter she may be, appearances can be deceiving as she is actually a soft-hearted person in nature. 
"puppy" "poor puppy"
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I have seen her cry over poor starving puppies on the street, ready to sacrifice her meal for that puppy. Shedding tears when my parents or brother is injured, sick or in trouble.

She's generous with her time and money. When my mom got sick, she was ready to take unpaid leave to care for my mother and grandmother. Offering to send her hard-earned money for hiring someone to take care of my 90-year-old grandmother while my mother does her surgery, even if that money she was planning to send is way beyond her means.

When she gets a bonus instead of heading for the nearest shopping mall and putting her cash down for a new skirt, shirt or bag, the first thing she does is send the money to my brother, who is currently in his first year at college. She buys a camera in a bidding auction and tells me that she is going to give the camera to my young cousins as a present.

"Glitter lady" "Glitter" "Fairy" "Fairy Gif"
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She is our secret Santa, Ok. Maybe not so secret. Or our Fairy Godmother. Buying gifts for us when she comes home during the holidays. For festivals such as Diwali or Christmas, she will get my parents, my brother and me such awesome clothes. Clothes that fit us to a tee. She has great taste in fashion, instinctively knowing if the clothes are going to suit us. So when it comes to fashion advice, she is my 'go to girl'.

She is intelligent and hardworking. So much so that her former Boss, from her part-time stint while she was waiting for her exam results, tells my father when he runs into him of how good my sister was at her work and that she will always have a job with him if she ever wants to leave the big city and come back home to work.

"Calvin and Hobbes" "Calvin animated" "Naughty Calvin" "Mischievous" "Kids"
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She is great with the people around her. Coming up with ideas to make family and friends feel they are special. She is great with children and they adore her unlike ME, who scare away children, heck, they scare me 

"Calvin and Hobbes" "Teacher" "Calvin Student" "animated Calvin" "Naughty Student" "Teacher animated" "Teacher"
Source :
She used to give free English classes to a few underprivileged kids as part of the charity drive organized by my father. She was a hit during those classes, with some of her “former students” still remembering her many years later. I guess she got those outstanding teaching genes from my mom, who has always been an extraordinarily gifted teacher. 
She is passionate about movies, songs, anything entertainment related, with facts at her fingertips. If she ever took part in the Cash Cab, she will probably make a killing. Unless we are hit with pesky Geography related questions but it would be fine as we have our mom, to help us out with that. Then for 
History and car-related questions, there's my brother.  (Yeah. I'm so not getting into that Cash Cab with my family. I will just stare at all the questions with my mouth hanging open, not knowing a single answer. Unless we get hit with an Adam Lambert related question, then I could be of service there. What can I say, "It's a Glambert thing!"). 

"Cash Cab Asia" "Oli Pettigrew"
Source :
We are so planning to hunt down Oli Pettigrew and his Cash Cab when we go to Singapore. Oli, you have been forewarned. You can start getting scared now. Hide, I tell you.. H.I.D.E! 

She has excessive knowledge about football or soccer as it is known in America. Even stunning my father with her knowledge of the ins and outs of the game. Most of the time I look at her like she's speaking some foreign language, like French, German or something when she starts talking about this person and that. The only football star I know is David Beckham.. Yeah.. That's it.. So the rest of the names just sound like gibberish to me.

Which is why it is great that she found a guy, who shares the same passion; a football fanatic just like her. For my mom and me, it doesn't matter who she chooses as her beau as long as she is happy. So to see her with someone who understands her, shares similar passions, who is good to her, makes her 
happy and who is pleasant and helpful, is all that we ever wanted for her and I am glad she found that.

My wish for my sister is that she finds happiness in her chosen career. That she will have joy all the days of her life. That she will not worry about what people think or how difficult things may seem, she should just reach for her dreams. Take a risk. Most importantly, live life to the fullest. 
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