Birthday Gift : It's Raining Men Video

My sister and I may be total opposites in characteristics, personality and nature but when it comes to the hunks on TV and in music, we are always on the same page.

So I could not think of a better way to wish my sister, "Happy Birthday" than by celebrating those hunks, who made us go all "woo-hoo!". 

The video features :
1) Adam Lambert (lots and lots of him. What can I say; it's a Glambert thing!)
2) Vampire Diaries (especially the "smouldering, it's a sin to look this gorgeous" Ian Somerhalder)
3) Merlin (The BBC version with "cute, always bullied, poor" Merlin and "seems arrogant but has a kind heart" Arthur. The chemistry

My sister, Prema

Born 4 years after me, my sister has always been and will always be a unique character. We are total opposites in nature. I'm the neat freak, “don't like a thing out of place” kind of girl while my sister is the “what is wrong if the books are not arranged properly in the bookcase” kind of girl. 

She loves dogs and has two at her home. A Golden Retriever (Max) and a German Shepherd (Rocky). Huge dogs that scare the bejesus out of me. Huge enough for my young cousins to sit on top of them and ride them like a horse 
(I kid you not. My cute cousins were going “giddy-up” little doggies”. Those “little doggies” could knock them down and flat if given a chance but that's innocence for you, they don't worry or care. Wish sometimes that I could be that carefree. It's not that I'm scared of my sister's "almost reaching her shoulders" huge dogs. I'm as big as a gorilla. "animated gorilla" "gorilla gif" "animated animal"So trying to knock me down? Yeah! So not a good idea (Ok. I think I'll stop now! Talking about my size gets me in the “you don't want to come near me as I might bite your head off” mood). 

"Cute dog" "Cute" "Puppy" "cute doggie" "doggie" "furry"So I'm in awe of my sister's ability to handle those dogs of hers and her strength in keeping them in line. 
Me, on the other hand, get near anything furry and I'm like “Eeew... stay away from me, you furry beast”.. So pets are definitely not my thing... Or hairy men, if I'm being honest. That's a story for another blog post (if my mom doesn't censor and ban the said blog post). 

"young girl" "cool"I'm the quiet, shy, rather stay at home with my books and “would rather run on hot coal than be out partying and socializing” kind of girl. My sister is the fun, life of the party kind of girl. The kind of girl, everyone wants to invite to a party for they know they will have a good time if she's around

During any family events, when I meet up with our cousins, the first question out of their mouths

My mom, Jacinta Ramayah

“I know how to do anything – I'm a mom” - Roseanne Barr 

That statement best describes my mom. 
She does know how to do everything.
She's our MacGyver, Mac, Richard Dean Anderson 
the one who comes up with innovative ideas in fixing things at our home. If the neighbor's cat is driving her mad by sneaking into our compound and constantly attacking her plants and shoes, she comes up with a plan to foil that darn cat, armed with a metal fence, some flowers and a stapler. 

Arrangement, Wedding, BouquetShe's already making plans to decorate the house with a flower arrangement that will line the patio (I think it was something like that, I spaced out when the discussion got too technical (I should say too creative) for my brain to comprehend), for my sister's engagement event, which is like months away (right??) 

She's the one we run to, screaming as if we had the devil at our back, when we see a centipede and don't know what the heck to do with it ("just crush it with your bathroom slippers", she says matter of factly, like it's such a simple thing to do, while we look at her in horror. 
FAINT"Photobucket" "Animated" "Gif" "Faint" "Fainting" "Shocked"). 

In my mind, I can picture her resume looking something like this:
Name : Jacinta Ramayah
Experience :  
1. Mother (1979 – present)
2. Retired Senior Assistant/Teacher
Skills :
1. Storyteller. She used to weave exciting stories for us; she still does actually (though nowadays I'm fully glued to my computer and don't really pay much attention)Photobucket "Sorry" "Smiley" "animated" "cute" "gif".

2. Baker. Even difficult to do doll cakes like this. Yeah, she actually did this cake, on her own, armed with a recipe book, lots of flour and butter and... and.... and.... hmm.. you know... cake stuff.

3. Walking Encyclopedia and Dictionary. Her favorite hobby is reading the dictionary (looking up words for Scrabble, so she says), so she knows most of the words in the dictionary. "Walking Dictionary", was the moniker given by

My brother, Rueben

I was 12 when my brother was born. When my mom first checked with the doctor, she was told that she was having a girl. With two girls, one 12 and the other 8, at home, my parents did not exactly say they were disappointed but we knew that a boy would have been more welcomed. A complete trio. Furthermore, my mother was already 36 at that time, so to try for a fourth child, would probably have been out of the question for her. 

So imagine our surprise, when we got a brother instead. My mom always says that she feels my brother was a gift from God as he was totally unexpected but has fulfilled her every expectations. I remember the pride on my father's face when he came home from the hospital, proudly announcing “It's a boy!”.  

The first moment I laid eyes on my brother, I was shocked at how tiny he was. A quiet baby, that didn't cry much, who looked at you in wonder and seemed to enjoy the prospect of sleeping. His eyes were huge, taking in the scenes around him, twisting his head to get a clearer picture of his surroundings. He was so little and cute, it was love at first sight for me. 

My brother was an easy, pleasant baby. No loud screaming cries from him. It was just short whimpers when he wanted milk or a change of diapers. He was so quiet that our neighbors used to ask if we really had a baby in the house, as they could not hear any wailing as would have been expected from a newborn baby. I wonder if they realize that he makes up for that lack of noise in the early days of his life, by blasting all the rock songs nowadays. Sorry neighbors, you did ask why he was so quiet when he was a baby, well he's making up for it now.

funny gifs thunder storm animated thunderstormHe was the kind of baby who slept through thunderstorms. I particularly remember one violent storm. There was my mom rushing to my brother, thinking the loud blast of thunder would scare her poor baby, but that baby did not stir at all. He continued sleeping peacefully through it all, not a worry in the world.

Most babies need to be rocked to sleep. Not my brother. He didn't even need a cradle. Just put him on the bed and he will

My Birthday : 29 January 2012

I'm not someone who looks forward to birthdays. It's just another day for me. It's not like I sit by the clock, counting down the minutes till midnight then jumping excitedly while doing the Macarena, proclaiming loudly “It's My Birthday! It's My Birthday!”.Photobucket Heck. I don't even know how to do the Macarena.

Who am I kidding! Yes! I love birthdays! Enjoy every moment of it. It does not matter that I'm getting older, I still love it. It's funny that when I was younger, I wanted to grow up so badly. Hated people telling me that "I'm TOO YOUNG". Too young to join in my adult cousins' conversation with my mom (yeah. This still rankles). Too young to read books by certain authors (My mom had a strict watch on all my reading materials. Only "safe" books were allowed. I guess that's a tale for another blog post?) 

Once I hit 18, I was so proud. Felt like a grown-up. Like I could now do anything I wanted. Now I've hit the 30s. I can see the 40s on the horizon in just seven years. Then the 50s. Retirement. Creaking bones. Wrinkles. Ok.. Now I'm just scaring myself. Saw a gray hair recently and it gave me heart palpitations. I'm not kidding. 
George Clooney looking good in gray hairDrove my colleagues crazy by harping on that gray hair the whole day. What can I say, I'm no George Clooney who can rock the "gray hair" look. Actually, 
I can't rock any look so "gray hair"... Don't even want to think about it.. 
I guess nothing else can bring your mortality to greater focus than the discovery of your first gray hair.  

Anyway, the past few years, I've been over the moon, crazy excited, since I found out that I share the same birthday with Adam Lambert (Yeah. It takes very little to get me excited). Now I can fantasize having a joint birthday celebration with him. Would not mind learning the Macarena for the event but then again might totally scare off Adam with all the unwanted jiggling. Ok. Now, I'm just making myself miserable. 

Cute Birthday Gif from PhotobucketIn my opinion, birthdays are only special, when you have someone to share it with. Imagine sitting at home alone, staring at a single piece of cake, singing "Happy Birthday" to yourself..... Scary thought.. 

I may be a little neurotic. Slightly crazy. My train of thoughts even scare me sometimes. I'm totally messed up and when it comes to idiosyncrasies and weird quirks, I have them in abundance.

So the thing that makes it a bit easier for me to bear is that my family is awesome and I'm always lucky to meet people, who want to be friends with me. For the life of me, I can't imagine why but they seem to want to remain friends. For that, I know I'm blessed. 

So here is my way of thanking Cute Thanks Picture from Photobucket both my family and friends. For not only accepting my crazy ways and awful personality but for being caring enough to make my birthday special. 

Gorgeous Adam Lambert Trespassing Album
Featuring snippets of songs from Adam Lambert's second album, "Trespassing", which will be released in May 2012. 

Acknowledgement : Use of Adam Lambert's Music 

Cute Thanks Picture from Photobucket

Image :

Have a blessed Easter everyone

A few friends have asked me what is the reason for celebrating Easter as they are more familiar with the more commercialized aspects of Easter such as the Easter Egg, Easter Bunny and so on. Although, I'm not a full-fledged, baptized Christian, please allow me to offer an explanation.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ while Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The whole six weeks leading up to Easter is known as Lent.


Lent lasts for about 6 weeks or 46 days and usually starts in February or March. It begins with

I'm NOT a TV Addict. Really I'm not.. I swear

I wish I could say that I was one of those people who spend their hours after work, doing something beneficial with their time, like saving the environment, dolphins, cute puppies or something. 
Or helping with charitable organizations.
                    (Hanging head down in shame).
I'm not those kind of people... Wish I was though..

So with so much free time on my hands,  what can a girl like me do?? Party??? That ain't my scene. Loud music (which I imagine a party scene will provide) gives me a pounding headache.
Anyway, unlike the bigger cities like Penang or KL, where the night life rocks (so I believe, never really experienced it), living in a small town like mine, most places shut down after 10pm. I remember once going around town with my family, after midnight, looking for a place to

New Year (2012) Video

I was feeling melancholy at the end of 2011. I felt the year had passed by so quickly that I could not really recall anything momentous or special that had happened in 2011 to make me hop with joy. 
 All I could think of is all the movies and songs I had enjoyed. You might shake your head at my absurdity. Yeah I know it's sad. That I did not do anything special for sonnets to be written about me but who can do that anyway, except for a select few. The chosen ones, who are gifted with intelligence, charm and talent. 

Anyway, enough of the aimless prattle. Here is a video I made that looks back on what I remember of 2011. May 2012 bring you all that your heart desires. 

Image: jscreationzs /

Videos; my home-made personal gifts

It has been said that home-made, DIY gifts are the best as it comes from the heart. Ok. The cynics among us would probably roll their eyes and say “CORNY”. The word 'cheapskate' will probably be used too. 

Of course, knowing the perfect gift to buy someone is a talent that very few have. I suck at this. I usually end up buying something totally inappropriate and unwanted. The stick it in the drawer type of present and not take out unless you want something to kill that pesky cockroach. Which is why, when I want to buy a gift, I usually drag my family along. Or my friends. 
I also have extremely bad taste so something may look good to me but my siblings usually have that “What is wrong with you” look on their face when I suggest it. Something along the line of “I can't believe I'm related to her” kind of thing.

My sister is great at buying gifts. She buys the most wonderful gifts for us. Especially clothes. Most of my apparel choices are based on her advice and are gifts from her. Even my brother has the knack for buying great gifts.  

Another great gift to give are home-made gifts. Writing poems, painting a picture, creating a handicraft, those are gifts that would surely be treasured. One of the best gifts we ever got, was this

Building a case for my blog

The title of my blog is Ame's Ramblings so if you came to this blog hoping for some serious intelligent discourse on the world or politics, you will be sorely disappointed. Nothing newsworthy or illuminating will I proffer. No life altering tips or anything to make this world a better place.

In this blog, I can only offer my opinions on anything and everything under the sun. Books. Movies. Films. Songs. Celebrities. Food. Events in my life, that others will probably roll their eyes and look down their noses at for its total insignificance. But then since my life is totally boring, devoid of exciting happenings and I'm certainly not on any change the world missions, I just have to report on the mundane regular happenings in my life. That's the purpose of a blog right? Something that might be totally insignificant to others but means something to me. Yeah.. I keep telling myself that.. 

So that is what I offer. My ramblings on entertainment, books and my opinion on everything even if my opinion might make some people clutch their heart with shock. Whether the ramblings on entertainment will be entertaining, I'm afraid I can't promise.

Rambling on and on is part of my nature. I just love to talk and talk and talk. When I talk in public however, people can just punch me in my face to shut me up or worse, stop listening and walk away. So in this blog, I can talk without worry of repercussions. There probably still won't be anyone to listen to (or read) my ramblings but then at least I won't have to worry about anyone causing me physical harm just to shut me up.

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