My Birthday : 29 January 2012

I'm not someone who looks forward to birthdays. It's just another day for me. It's not like I sit by the clock, counting down the minutes till midnight then jumping excitedly while doing the Macarena, proclaiming loudly “It's My Birthday! It's My Birthday!”.Photobucket Heck. I don't even know how to do the Macarena.

Who am I kidding! Yes! I love birthdays! Enjoy every moment of it. It does not matter that I'm getting older, I still love it. It's funny that when I was younger, I wanted to grow up so badly. Hated people telling me that "I'm TOO YOUNG". Too young to join in my adult cousins' conversation with my mom (yeah. This still rankles). Too young to read books by certain authors (My mom had a strict watch on all my reading materials. Only "safe" books were allowed. I guess that's a tale for another blog post?) 

Once I hit 18, I was so proud. Felt like a grown-up. Like I could now do anything I wanted. Now I've hit the 30s. I can see the 40s on the horizon in just seven years. Then the 50s. Retirement. Creaking bones. Wrinkles. Ok.. Now I'm just scaring myself. Saw a gray hair recently and it gave me heart palpitations. I'm not kidding. 
George Clooney looking good in gray hairDrove my colleagues crazy by harping on that gray hair the whole day. What can I say, I'm no George Clooney who can rock the "gray hair" look. Actually, 
I can't rock any look so "gray hair"... Don't even want to think about it.. 
I guess nothing else can bring your mortality to greater focus than the discovery of your first gray hair.  

Anyway, the past few years, I've been over the moon, crazy excited, since I found out that I share the same birthday with Adam Lambert (Yeah. It takes very little to get me excited). Now I can fantasize having a joint birthday celebration with him. Would not mind learning the Macarena for the event but then again might totally scare off Adam with all the unwanted jiggling. Ok. Now, I'm just making myself miserable. 

Cute Birthday Gif from PhotobucketIn my opinion, birthdays are only special, when you have someone to share it with. Imagine sitting at home alone, staring at a single piece of cake, singing "Happy Birthday" to yourself..... Scary thought.. 

I may be a little neurotic. Slightly crazy. My train of thoughts even scare me sometimes. I'm totally messed up and when it comes to idiosyncrasies and weird quirks, I have them in abundance.

So the thing that makes it a bit easier for me to bear is that my family is awesome and I'm always lucky to meet people, who want to be friends with me. For the life of me, I can't imagine why but they seem to want to remain friends. For that, I know I'm blessed. 

So here is my way of thanking Cute Thanks Picture from Photobucket both my family and friends. For not only accepting my crazy ways and awful personality but for being caring enough to make my birthday special. 

Gorgeous Adam Lambert Trespassing Album
Featuring snippets of songs from Adam Lambert's second album, "Trespassing", which will be released in May 2012. 

Acknowledgement : Use of Adam Lambert's Music 

Cute Thanks Picture from Photobucket

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