I'm NOT a TV Addict. Really I'm not.. I swear

I wish I could say that I was one of those people who spend their hours after work, doing something beneficial with their time, like saving the environment, dolphins, cute puppies or something. 
Or helping with charitable organizations.
                    (Hanging head down in shame).
I'm not those kind of people... Wish I was though..

So with so much free time on my hands,  what can a girl like me do?? Party??? That ain't my scene. Loud music (which I imagine a party scene will provide) gives me a pounding headache.
Anyway, unlike the bigger cities like Penang or KL, where the night life rocks (so I believe, never really experienced it), living in a small town like mine, most places shut down after 10pm. I remember once going around town with my family, after midnight, looking for a place to

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    Rambling Ame is my name for I love to talk and talk and talk.
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